Issue Title
Volume X, Number 1, July-December 2017 The Rejection of Executory Contracts: A Comparative Economic Analysis Abstract PDF
Susana Dávalos
Volume IX, Number 1, July-December 2016 The Right to the Truth as an Autonomous Right Under the Interamerican Human Rights System Abstract PDF
Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor
Volume IV, Number 2 The Right to Vote of Prisoners in Mexico Abstract PDF
Humberto Fernando Cantú Rivera
Volume VII, Number 1 The Role of China and the BRICS Project Abstract PDF
Héctor Arturo Oropeza García
Volume VII, Number 2 The Role of Shocks and Social Pressures in the Development of Citizenship Rights: Great Britain and Mexico's Divergent Paths Abstract PDF
María del Refugio González
Volume II, Number 2 The Rotterdam Rules: Between Hope and Disappointment Abstract PDF
Lorena Sales Pallarés
Volume VI, Number 2 The Security Council and the Illegal Transfer of Small Arms and Light Weapons to Non-State Actors Abstract PDF
Gustavo Mauricio Bastien Olvera
Volume III, Number 2 The Sociological Concept Of Judicial Legitimacy: Notes on Latin American Constitutional Courts Abstract PDF
Alba Rubial
Volume V, Number 1 The Struggle For Legal Philosophy (Vis-à-Vis Legal Education): Methods and Problems Abstract PDF
Imer B. Flores
Volume X, Number 2, January-June 2018 The Subalternization of a Progressive Legal Project: The Rights of Nature in Ecuador Abstract PDF
Laura Nieto Sanabria
Volume V, Number 2 The "War on Drugs" and the "New Strategy": Identity Constructions of the United States, U.S. Drug Users and Mexico Abstract PDF
César Martínez Valenzuela
Volume VII, Number 1 Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Restoration of Credibility: Reconstructing Mexico's Social Fabric Abstract PDF
Humberto Fernando Cantú Rivera
Volume VI, Number 1 Truth and Victims' Rights: Towards a Legal Epistemology of International Criminal Justice Abstract PDF
Edgar R. Aguilera
Volume IX, Number 2, January-June 2017 Understanding Constitutional Amendments in Mexico: Perpetuum Mobile Constitution Abstract PDF
Mauro Arturo Rivera León
Volume X, Number 2, January-June 2018 Understanding NAFTA’s ISDS: A Challenge for Mexican Attorneys Abstract PDF
Rosa Haydee Castro Peña
Volume X, Number 2, January-June 2018 Unveiling the Meaning of Social Justice in Colombia Abstract PDF
Carlos Andrés Pérez Garzón
Volume V, Number 1 U.S. State Responsibility á la Trail Smelter: Arms Trafficking and Transboundary Harm to Mexico Abstract PDF
Rose Rivera
Volume VII, Number 1 What Can Mexican Law Schools Learn from the American Legal Realists? Abstract PDF
Luis Alfonso Navarrete Aldaco
Volume IX, Number 1, July-December 2016 What is "Constitutional Efficacy?": Conceptual Obstacles for Research on the Effects of Constitutions Abstract PDF
Andrea Pozas Loyo
Volume V, Number 2 Why Has The Transition to Democracy Led the Mexican Presidential System to Political Instability? A Proposal to Enhance Institutional Arrangements Abstract PDF
Jorge Arturo Álvarez Tovar
Volume V, Number 1 Wind Development of Oaxaca, Mexico's Isthmus of Tehuantepec: Energy Efficient or Human Rights Deficient? Abstract PDF
Laura Hamister
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