Antitrust in the New Economy: Case Google Inc. against Economic Competition on Web

Doris Karina Oropeza Mendoza


The American multinational company Google is one of the most important businesses in the new economy, thanks to its innovation has positioned itself as a leader in the Internet environment worldwide. One of its main products is Google Search, which has been in the public eye, because authorities in antitrust considered that search machine infringes the antitrust legal system. The company Google has faced indictments for this reason countries like the US and the EU, but in both cases it is considered that the authorities responsible for research has not given clear and sound criteria to determine the guilt or innocence of the digital enterprise, based on the actual behavior of competition in the markets for electronic commerce, which belong to the new Economy, so this article presents a brief description of both cases and proposals of the key aspects that investigations by the authorities in the field should take.


Antitrust, Google Inc., electronic commerce, new economy, monopoly.

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