The Reforms to the Judicial Power of the Federation of March 2021: An Approach to its Structural Perspective and Fundamental Challenges

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Eduardo Pérez Alonso


The reform of March 2021 has generated a lot of tension in the journalistic area and seems to herald a lot of reflections in the academic field of law. However, to date, a good part of the discussions have focused on descriptively replicating its content, as well as on the short-term consequences. So, it is considered essential to move towards a discussion that inserts other variables that allow the fabric to become denser, in order to walk towards a much more comprehensive solution. This analysis puts into debate two of the articulating axes of the reform: the system of precedents, and the fight against corruption, placing special emphasis on some gaps, but, above all, pointing out its inability to solve problems of a structural nature. This insolvency results from a lack of reflection on the socio-historical fabric that, under the present reading, will lead to its results being modest, inoperative and/or even causing the intensification of the problems it intends to solve.

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